Health Services

When to keep child at home

It is sometimes difficult to decide when to keep children home due to illness. We are sharing these guidelines with you in order to decrease the spread of illness and to assure that every child is well enough to optimize learning at school.

Your child should be kept at home if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  1. Temperature above 100 degrees orally.

  2. Sore throat diagnosed by a doctor as Strep until treated with an antibiotic for 24 hours.

  3. Vomiting or diarrhea.

  4. A respiratory infection that causes the child to cough constantly or to have brown or green discharge from the nose.

  5. Any illness that causes a child to be too sleepy or makes him/her feel too bad to continue with his/her normal school activities.

  6. Seizures that occur more frequently or more severely than usual for a child.

  7. Rash or skin lesions not diagnosed or being treated by a physician.

  8. Contagious diseases such as chickenpox.

  9. Pink Eye diagnosed by a doctor until treated with an antibiotic for 24 hours.

If a child becomes ill at school, parents will be called to take them home.