Volunteers Welcome

The success of the schools, depends largely on the generosity of parents and community members willing to give of their time. Volunteers are always welcome in the schools, and the schools greatly acknowledge the contributions these volunteers make. You don't have to have a large portion of time to donate, even as little as 30 minutes a week can help serve a great need within the school. You can volunteer your time in the classroom, library, office or on field trips. Volunteers are utilized to help students with homework, listen to them read, assist with math and science projects, share information about local history, and assist with after-school programs. The District greatly appreciates the time and energy of our volunteers.

For the safety of all students, a volunteer background check is run on all volunteers. This background check is a simple form that you fill out (no fingerprinting required) that gives the District permission to check for crimes against children and adults. The process is simple and ensures the safety of all involved.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the local school (Clallam Bay 963-2324, Neah Bay 645-2382 or 645-2854) or the district office (963-2249) for further information.

Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering for the CFSD please print, fill out and return these documents to trascon@cfsd401.org or drop them off at the Central Office in Neah Bay.