Special Education

Special Education is specially designed instruction which meets the unique needs of students who qualify. This specially designed instruction may include classroom instruction, and instruction in the resource room.

Related Services may also be provided if they are included in a student's IEP. These services include speech and language therapy, psychological services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical education, transportation and assistive technology.

Cape Flattery School District follows the legislation of IDEA and FAPE. Cape Flattery School District ensures that students have access to a free and appropriate education. Students who qualify for special education qualify must qualify in one of the following areas: Developmental Delay / Preschool, Behavior Disabled, Orthopedically Impaired, Health Impaired, Learning Disabled, Mental Retardation, Multi-handicapped, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Visually Handicapped, Deaf/Blind, Communication Disordered, Autism or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Cape Flattery School District participates in Child Find activities. These Child Find activities help locate children who may have a disability or are suspected of having a disability. This search includes non-resident, homeless, and /or temporarily housed families. Really, any child or student can be referred for developmental screenings and services.

Special Education programs provide the student with the opportunity to learn in the "Least Restrictive Environment". The least restrictive environment varies from student to student.

Regular Education Programs- students remain in the general education classroom and receive services from special education staff.

Resource Room Programs- students receive basic skills instruction in a setting other than the general education classroom- but in addition to their regular education program.

Hospital- Some services, like physical therapy, are provided by contracted services through the local hospital. Special education students needing such services are transported to the facility for therapy by a licensed physical therapist or occupational therapist.

An individual education program (IEP) is developed with annual goals and objectives to address the individual needs of the students within the program. This IEP is developed by a team of individuals including the student, parent, regular education teacher, special education teacher, principal, speech language pathologist (if applicable), physical therapist (if applicable), occupational therapist (if applicable), and school psychologist.

The IEP is reviewed and updated at least once a year, but may be updated more frequently if needed.

As you know, being a parent of a special needs student provides you with a wonderful opportunity to help them grow and learn. The Cape Flattery School District encourages you to participate fully in your student's education program, including participating in the IEP meetings. You know your student the best, so your input is of great value when planning and providing an educational program for your student.

Any application and any required policies, procedures, evaluations, plans and reports are readily available to parents and other members of the public through the District's special education office and the office of the superintendent.