Technology Support

This page offers curated lists of different apps and website ideas to aid instruction and engage students.

Digital Citizenship Lessons-Help students take ownership of their digital lives. All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. See grade level lessons...

Common Sense Media: Special Education Apps-While some of these tools weren't designed specifically for kids with special needs or learning differences, they've been recommended by educators and experts who work with these populations. You'll find apps that address foundational skills, boost social and emotional skills, and help kids with autism follow a schedule.

Best Common Core Apps & Websites for teachers-Teaching the Common Core State Standards can be challenging: From lesson planning to instruction to assessment, there's a lot to learn and manage.

Math Tools aligned to Common Core Standards-This [high school] collection of Common Core-aligned tools covers these topics while incorporating gameplay and real-world math -- satisfying students' entertainment cravings and teachers' curricular requirements. Students' skills will be challenged as they modify simulations, watch engaging videos, interact with live coaches, and collaborate with their peers to solve authentic math problems.

ELA Tools Aligned to Common Core Standards-These [ELA] tools will help students develop skills like phonics, text analysis, and supporting arguments with evidence, which will help them collaborate and communicate in their future careers. From vocabulary building to reading comprehension to writing clearly, you'll find terrific apps and websites that match the standards that are most relevant and useful to you and your students.

Terrific Websites for Science-From biology to chemistry to physics, these science-oriented websites will help your students learn more about the world around them; they'll make observations, notice patterns, and get important information about plants, animals, and people.

Check out these Stem Apps for Higher-Order thinking here.

Social Studies Apps & Websites-From world geography to U.S. government, this collection of resources covers key social studies topics for all grades. There are compelling news sites and podcast apps for keeping up with current events, timeline creators for demonstrating historical knowledge, pen-pal sites to connect with and learn about people from other cultures, and treasure troves of historical documents and media

13 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources-Project-based learning is becoming increasingly popular as teachers look for a way to make lessons stick in the minds of their students. According to Edutopia, studies have shown that students who use project-based learning remember the material much longer and have healthier attitudes toward education.

Best Interactive Video Apps & Websites-Whether you and your students are making interactive videos, or you just want to create interactive video lessons, there's no shortage of apps and web-based tools to help you. A host of video creation apps offer everything from cartoon and stop-motion animation to video slide shows and even video creation combined with coding skills.

Art Education Apps-Drawing involves creative thinking as they make choices about lines, colors and shapes.... These apps allow kids to color pictures, play around with photos, express themselves in writing, and tinker and build with digital tools.

Great Apps, Games & Websites for Music Education-Whether you're a music teacher looking for digital tools, or just looking to add some music education into your classroom, this list has what you need. ...Students can listen to and better understand music, make it, or just experiment with rhythm, pitch, looping, and more. With these tools, your students from elementary to high school will see how easy and fun it is to make digital music.

Google Applied Digital Skills-Scroll down to see the different digital skill lesson modules where students learn digital skills through free project-based video curriculum.

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Students